Mercy and Grace Ministries

Food for People in Need

Here at Mercy and Grace Ministries we open our doors, 7 days a week (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) to provide Food boxes to People in Need in the Community FOR FREE.  

We also support many Farmers to Help Feed their animals for Free too. Throughout the Covid disaster time, we have supplied Food Boxes to up to 200+ families each week.


A small portion of many beautiful blessing through Mercy and Grace Ministries Food Boxes


Donation Amount

A Free Food Box for People in Need, filled with Fruit, Vegetables, Breads, Bakery and some Grocery

Fruit and Vegetables

Delicious Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Free

Breads and Sweet Treats

Fresh Breads and Bakery Sweet Treats for Free

Pantry and Grocery

Pantry and Grocery items as available for Free.

Due to some local Charities closing for the holidays at Christmas 2020. we saw a real need
and opportunity to bring both food and relationship to People who were desperately in Need in the Community.

Mercy and Grace Ministries has since progressed from then to being a supplier of food to many local community groups and individual families alike from many different walks of life. We are blessed to have Supermarkets on board who help make this ministry possible. it is our desire and mission that everything we give out is Free.

In the past 10 months (2021-2022), we have increased the number of stores we collect from and have been able to collect and process in excess of 176 tonnes of Food to help support our Community and Local Farmers on the Central Coast.

Recently, in April 2022,
we collected over 16.9 tonnes of Food to distribute and support Families and Farmers alike.

To those who support this ministry, through prayer, volunteering time and resources, for all the gifts, we are very thankful for them all.   Mercy and Grace Ministries Team. 
Our Farmers have Amazing Animals that we help support and feed here on the Central Coast. The animals help keep the not so nice food we collect out of the local Landfill and get to fill their tummies!

They rush to the back of the Ute knowing that the specials are coming - we also have a hilarious goat that can't help but get into the food as well!

To our Farmers, a big GIANT THANK YOU!!!! We are so thankful for what you do here on the Coast helping support Mercy and Grace Ministries with feeding the animals and helping our Environment!!!!

It is Our Future Vision and Hope to Build on the Peninsula:

The Kitchen

The Kitchen will be a place where people can come and learn basic life skills in cooking and baking, utilizing basic grocery items. Also a Place where People in Need can come eat and enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Free.

The Laundry

The Laundry will be a place where people in need can wash and dry their clothes for Free. We hope to use commercial washing machines and dryers, using solar battery power to help offset the running costs whilst be eco friendly.

The Shelter

A Place where People in Need and those without Homes may have a bed to sleep in and shelter from the weather. A stepping stone to a place to Call Home. Working with other Community Groups to help House People in Need.

  • Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

DONATIONS AND SUPPORT Mercy and Grace Ministries BSB: 012 633 Acct: 4307 11988 Mercy and Grace Ministries abn. 75.605.933.195 is an ACNC Registered Charity with DGR status. Please email us your Donation Details and we will send through a receipt for your tax purposes upon confirmation.